CNN "Artemisa" premiere interview (1998) - New Update!!!

TG2 Pègaso - TOD Italian report + interview (1991)

TVE Spanish interview "En La Cama Con Madonna" (1991)

Bill Harris in HOLLYWOOD - "Body Of Evidence" interview (1993)

Coming soon new link

ZDF Special - "Madonna im Gesprach" (1994)

Interviewed by Roger Willemsen (German audio)

Part One

Part Two

"Today" interview (1995)

"You'll See" interview on the set (1995)

(German audio)

Brits press room (1995)

(BBC presenter made a question to Madonna but she went away without giving an answer - 25 seconds clip)

2000 "The Next Best Thing" interviews

Finland TV - Short Clip


Portoguese TV

MTV Brazil - Interviewed by Marina Person (2000)

TF1 Interview (2000)

HQ 313 MB - French audio

RTL - "American Life" interview (2003)

(German audio)