1985 "The Great Peace March" spot


1987 Madonna donates to Jacques Chirac a $ 85.000 cheque to benefit AIDS charities

1988 "Sport Aid" speech

1988 - Musicians For Life

1989 "Don't Bungle the Jungle" speech

1989 "AIDS Dancethon" speech

1991 Madonna makes a request of donation for MTV American Red Cross

1992 "AIDS Dancethon" short appearance

1992 "Global Warning" spot

1995 "Parkinson Disease Foundation", Madonna gives award to Mohammed Alý

1996 Madonna's speech at "Aids Project" in Los Angeles

1998 "Ensemble" french tv spot

1999 Speech about AIDS at "Esquire" march issue revealing

1999 NSPCC spot

2003 Message against AIDS

2004 Message live via Satellite for "Spirituality for Kids" ceremony

2004 Madonna in Israel giving a speech for "Spirituality for Kids Foundation"

2004 "Band Aid 20" video introduction

2007 "American Idol: Idol Gives Back" charity special message

2008 Madonna's speech at "Gucci/United Nations" charity event in New York

2008 Madonna taped this message to announce the building of an Academy for Girls in Malawi

2009 Message about "Raising Malawi" future projects

2009 Madonna's speech about the building of a school in Malawi

2010 Madonna's speeches about her projects in Malawi

2013 Madonna's speech about her projects in Malawi

2014 Madonna introduces Pussy Riot at "Amnesty International Concert" in New York